18 mars
Pour y remplir les journées d'une contrée mélancolique #09
"Bangers". Les Abrets, Isère, July 2016.
Bus 96.
M. A. Munich, Germany. July 2014 "If it work, maybe it will be the end of suffering." M. A. M. A. left Aleppo six month ago, where his parents remain. He is travelling in fear of identity control. In this crappy hotel, the owner don’t mind illegal...
A mother and her daughter. Many refugees had no place in camps, they are on their own, without legal status.
Bel-Air gas station, D906. Renovated since.
At "The Wild Goose" a Bamako suburb brothel.
Nap at midday, Ebenezer Day Care School, Mathare Valley slum.
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