Julien Pebrel
One of the numerous branches of the Danube Delta near Sulina
Marian lives in Sulina, he often hangs around the streets in search of a cigarette or a petty job. He sometimes helps to unload the boat arriving from Tulcea. He lives with his father in a run-down apartment.
The Sukhum(i) beach
The parade rehearsal of twenty years of Abkhazia's independence take place in front of the former parliament of Sukhum(i) which was occupied and burnt by Georgians during the war.
The facade of the famous Hotel Abkhazia; under renovation.
In Mataghis, one of the villages which was bombed by azerbaijan army. Most of the inhabitants have left the villages after the bombing.
In a house in Chouchi
Five brothers from a numerous family on the Knowledge Day in the Chouchi school.

Julien Pebrel joined Agence M.Y.O.P. in 2011, becoming co-director in January 2016.

After a scientific training, Julien Pebrel turned to photography, studying photojournalism at the EMI-CFD in Paris.

He places travel at the heart of his photography and uses photography as a means to travel. In recent years, he has worked on Afghan migrants in Calais, factories recovered by their workers in Argentina, the Danube Delta and the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. Pebrel continues to work of this last subject, extending it to the whole of the South Caucasus and its unrecognized States: Armenia, Georgia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabagh.

Julien Pebrel collaborates regularly with the French and international press: Libération, M le magazine du Monde, Grazia, Géo, L'Obs, Sunday Times Magazine, Internazionale, Time, Newsweek Japan, Causette and Le Monde.

His work has received numerous awards: PDN Photo Annual winner, Marty Forscher Fellowship Fund award for student, the Grand Prix Paris-Match for student photojournalist and the Young Reporter's Award at the Scoop and Journalism International Festival of Angers.

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Hovhannes in his flat in Chouchi

Hovhannes Land: Nagorno-Karabagh — Julien Pebrel

2010 - 2016
The Sukhum(i) beach

Abkhazia — Julien Pebrel

2013 - 2016
One of the numerous branches of the Danube Delta near Sulina

Sulina, the european Far-East — Julien Pebrel

2009 - 2015
Roméo Castellucci, metteur en scène

Portraits — Julien Pebrel


ConiFA World Football Cup 2016 — Julien Pebrel


AIDS orphans in Togo — Julien Pebrel

2013 - 2015
Nvard, the daughter in law of the village's healer. Her husband is in Russia. He went to work there a few weeks after their wedding. So she lives with her mother in law.

Lichk, Armenia. Life without men — Julien Pebrel

Un migrant nourrit les oiseaux. "Afghanis are just like birds: free everywhere" dit-il.

Calais — Julien Pebrel

2007 - 2008

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Nakba Day incidents — Julien Pebrel


Into the Dark — Julien Pebrel

2012 - 2016

Gay Pride — Julien Pebrel


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